Saturday, 03 December 2022

Congratulations To Our Former Board Chairman, Sammi Awuku, On Your Appointment As NLA D-G

SammiThe Chief Executive Officer of the Youth Employment Agency, Justin Kodua Frimpong, Esq., Management and the entire staff of the YEA wish to expressly congratulate the Agency's former Board Chairman Mr. Sammi Awuku on his appointment as the Director General of the National Lottery Authority.

The Akans often say; 'sɛ akwadaa hunu ne nsa hohoro a, ɔne mpaninfoɔ na edidi' to wit when a child learns to wash the hands properly, he dines with the elderly.

Indeed, Mr Sammi Awuku at his youthful age has excelled so well in all fields of endeavour and has successfully managed all portfolios he has held including leading the Governing Board of the Youth Employment Agency to achieve the numerous results we speak of today.

Mr Sammi Awuku selflessly supported the CEO and management in the reformation and job creation agenda of the Agency over the last four years, guiding the team through innovative ideas, great leadership skills and effective organisational skills.

Today the Agency boasts of:

  • A Transformed and revived organisation devoid of corruption and a negative media tag over four years.
  • A record One Hundred and Forty-Five Thousand (145000) jobs created for the youth of this country over the last four years.
  • A Job centre set up for creating permanent jobs for all levels of job seekers.

There is Artisan Directory, Agric and Skill based Flagship projects, Work Abroad, NEIP collaborative interventions, etc.

  • Renovated and conducive offices for the staff of the Agency to work and deliver on the objective of reducing unemployment.

The list of unrivaled achievements goes on and on but for us as an Agency, it is simply attributed to your leadership of the Board, accommodation of varied ideas and support to management. 

We strongly believe that you will exude an outstanding and excellent performance in your new role even more than you did here at YEA. Transforming and obtaining results are your passion and we know that the NLA will see same.

We congratulate you once again on your new appointment, Sir.


From: CEO, Management and Staff of Youth Employment Agency

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